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Projects Management

We as Savvy Dimensions will provide Project Management Services to manage your project end-end with adoptable project methods and models. We have delivered several best practices and proven practices solutions to our customers with a maximum success rate. Project management is the practice of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints. The primary constraints are scope, time, quality and budget.
In brief, project management objectives are the successful development of the project's procedures of initiation, planning, execution, regulation and closure as well as the guidance of the project team's operations towards achieving all the agreed upon goals within the set scope, time, quality and budget standards.

Project management is to focus in these three areas: Strategic, Business Management and Leadership.

They are:

  • 1.Scope Management. Controlling the scope and scale of your team's projects is a vital leadership skill.
  • 2.Time, Budget & Cost Estimation.
  • 3.Schedule Management.

All projects need a structure. Hence, the complexity and length of the project are equivalent to a more advanced and detailed project plan.
Almost every project goes through these five steps during its life cycle:

Project management knowledge draws on ten areas:

  • 1. Discover what the client needs to determine the project’s goals.
  • 2. Elaborate a plan that will tell you what needs to be done, by whom, how much it will cost, and when the project should be delivered.
  • 3. Start working.
  • 4. Check if work goes according to the initial plan, identify problems, and make adjustments.
  • 5. Deliver the project and close all contracts once you get the client’s approval.

We play a role of customers’ Project Manager for their projects. The “project manager” is in charge of the planning and execution of a project. He makes sure that everything is following the client’s vision and quality standards. He will also be held accountable for the project’s success or failure. People have been “managing projects” for centuries. They went from using traditional tools such as pen and paper to the use of advanced technologies. Currently, project managers employ the use of project management tools to speed up and ease the entire work process.

In Our Project Management Services, you find the main benefits which are:

  • 1.Manage Plan, Time, Cost, Risk, Scope and more importantly resources
  • 2.You can see what task you’re assigned to and which resources should be used including budget and available tools.
  • 3. By tracking your time, you can create timesheet reports, analyze them to find free time for additional tasks, establish the next steps of the project, or estimate deadlines for future projects.
  • 4.The monitoring stage of project management allows you to identify errors and mistakes whenever they occur through a detailed look at what all employees are doing and which resources they are using.
  • 5.Assign a team member to solve a problem using available resources within the available time frame.
  • 6.Different team members can be assigned to a project or task and collaborate in real time to successfully complete it.
  • 7.Through project transparency, everyone in charge of a project will be able to see what the team is working on or bring their own contribution to the development of the project.
  • 8. Project management allows you to gather information, log data that was not predictable on the go, and use it to make the right data-based decisions.
  • 9. Allow your client to see everything that’s going on with the project and suggest improvements whenever something is not going according to the project vision.