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Training and Workshop

We as Savvy Dimensions conduct business trainings, workshops and Job role based educational programs on several areas like ERPs, products, Services and Job oriented workshops. We also conduct on-demand business specific training workshops for corporate employees and entrepreneurs. We also conduct career-building workshop for trainees.

We conduct training workshops in project Management, Oracle, SAP, IFS and Microsoft ERPs, Products, Modules, specific processes and soft skills. We conduct customized training workshops for our customers to suite their requirements with tailored courses.
• Workshops and Training Programs Workshops are defined as an educational program designed to familiarize participants with practical skills, techniques, and ideas that belong to a specific area and can be applied to practical or everyday life.
• The aim of a Trainings and workshop is simply that all parties involved in the workshop will get the clear understanding of the objective of the training or workshop and will build on the information gathered at the Workshop.
• Workshop is a teaching structure that pushes attendees to be creative and responsible in their own learning. The Workshop Model asks attendees to take charge of their own learning, becoming active and engaged in their work and development of understanding.